April 19, 2014

Mostly clear

Indoe Farm Disaster

A storm that rolled through the region Thursday evening did major damage across Medina County. The Indoe Farm in Harrisville Township that has been in the family for generations was heavily damaged when three of the major barns were destroyed.

Photographs by Shirley Ware and Andrew Dolph.

  • Mary Dodyk

    Thoughts and prayers are with all of the family during this very difficult time. The Indoe family are the best people and it’s no wonder so many friends and community members have come to their aid. The pictures here are very moving and show the awesome goodness of people in time of need.

  • Marge & George Christen

    It was overwhelming to see the Good Hearted people who came out to support the Indoe Family in their time of need. They are hard working, well respected family in this county and I hope and pray that they can survive this disaster and continue to farm as they have in past years. The attitude as Tom Indoe put it to rather have it there then a Nursing Home, or a School was crushing to watch when they lost so much, and possibly their lively hood.
    I am amazed at their courage. Our family’s prayers go out to them.