June 30, 2016

Partly sunny

Cheers & Chidings

CHEERS: to the public and private resources that will enable Medina Creative Housing to build eight single-housing units for disabled persons in Medina. The “barrier-free” community will give individuals with special needs the opportunity for increased independence and privacy. It’s hoped construction will begin in November and be completed by June 2008.

CHEERS: to Montville Township patrol officer Daniel Hazek, who saved the life of 21-year-old Nathan Bavaro. When Bavaro’s family discovered him unconscious and in full cardiac arrest, they called 911. Hazek was on the scene in minutes with the department’s automated external defibrillator, which helped restart Bavaro’s heart. Hazek said he would like to see AEDs distributed to every agency, especially to first-responders. We agree.

CHIDINGS: to those who continue to make threats against public buildings, like the phone calls Tuesday that led to the evacuation of Medina High School. Following a search, the building was deemed safe for students and staff to return. Make a threat, and recent history in Medina County makes it clear you will be caught, prosecuted and pay the price under the law.

CHEERS: to Cloverleaf High School senior Meghann Venus, who joined students from around the country earlier this summer to build a marketplace in a Belizean village. When she wasn’t using a shovel or hand-mixing cement, the Cloverleaf soccer player had the chance to play pick-up games with local children. “What drew me was I could actually go and help people and make a difference,” she said.

CHEERS: to Black River students and staff for rolling with Mother Nature’s punches after a tornado hit Black River Education Center Aug. 9. While the building is being repaired, some 200 students are attending classes at the nearby Homerville Community Center, formerly an elementary school. The children are enjoying their temporary digs in the old building, the principal said. The only thing some of them miss is air conditioning.