June 29, 2016

Intermittent clouds

Gribble is latest star on ESPN

Don’t be surprised if the Gribble family looks into getting cable television this weekend, especially after what happened Thursday night.

Brunswick wide receiver Jordan Gribble came home thinking he’d played what he deemed the worst game of the season in a 49-14 win over Elyria, only to discover he was a national celebrity.

What at first looked like an amazing 80-yard touchdown run against the Pioneers was actually an 80-yard shuffle pass from Sean Bedevelsky.

Better still, it put Gribble on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 as the second-best play of the day.

“Sean called me at midnight and said, ‘Bro, I just saw you on ESPN and you’re No. 2,’” Gribble said. “I said, ‘No way.’ And then (2006 Gazette MVP) Dustin (Zielaskiewicz) called me and said he saw me. Then my neighbors started calling me and I thought it must be true.”

One slight problem. It was after midnight and Gribble couldn’t get ESPN. So he went to neighborhood friend Dan Langowski’s house to see the play everybody was talking about.

He caught it at 1 a.m. and then again an hour later. By the time he woke up groggy for school Friday morning, he had mmore than 20 text messages and seven voice mails on his phone.

It led to a crazy day at school, where classmates teasingly asked him for autographs and friends called him superstar.

The play was worthy of its No. 2 status.

On first-and-10 from the Brunswick 20-yard line in the second quarter, Bedevelsky took the snap from a shotgun start and rolled right before pitching it forward to Gribble, who was running the other way.

Gribble avoided a hard-rushing Matt Arnold and waited for Blue Devils teammate Mike Nickels to step in the path of Demetrius Dalton 6 yards past the line of scrimmage.

Then the real magic started.

Apparently pinned against the left sideline, Gribble made Greg Davison overpursue, but looked like he would go down with seven Elyria defenders closing in.

“At that point I’m thinking I’ve got the first (down),” Gribble said. “But I see a lane created by all my linemen and I see that all the blockers were picking up their man.”

So Gribble cut back to the right at the Brunswick 32 and ran to daylight thanks to an incredible block by Britt Musal that took out Elyria’s Brandon Bailey and Brian Perry.

He then ran free to the Elyria 27 before Bedevelsky threw a block on Myke Martin. Gribble then waited for Nickels to make the final block on Jon Yeaples at the 10 before outracing Davison to the goal line.

“I was dead tired after the play,” Gribble said. “As soon as I got to the 15, I was out of gas, but I knew I had to get to the end zone.”

The only play ESPN deemed better on Thursday was Marta’s final goal in Brazil’s 4-0 win over the United States in the women’s World Cup semifinals.

The Brazilians might be in the final, but they definitely played second fiddle to Gribble in Brunswick on Friday.

“I’m still in shock,” Gribble said. “Everybody’s coming up to me making jokes. I’m still surprised by all of it.”