June 27, 2016

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Readers share views on issues, candidates on Nov. 6 ballot

Elect Fuller council president

To the Editor:

Cindy Fuller provides the breath of fresh air our city needs if we are to keep pace with the future needs of our citizens. She has the business savvy needed to guide the spending of our precious tax dollars while at the same time remaining sensitive to preserving Medina’s historical character. We should consider ourselves lucky an accomplished businesswoman of Fuller’s character is willing to take on the challenges of city government.

I am not a politician, so I only deal with facts. When reviewing the facts, I cannot understand why a rational, thinking resident of the city of Medina, where I have lived my entire life, would consider returning Pam Miller as council president.

Miller is involved in a number of civic activities. In reviewing the jobs she takes on outside her city council duties, I wonder if her motivation is driven by her need to control rather than contribute to an organization.

Take, for instance, the hospital issue where her conflict of interest as a member of the hospital’s board prevented her from voting on the zoning changes needed to allow its much needed expansion. Why didn’t Miller simply act as a volunteer to assist the hospital? By placing herself in a control position on the hospital’s board rather than focusing on her obligation to our entire city as its council president, Miller is hurting all of us. What other potentially damaging positions of conflict does Miller hold that will bite our city in the backside in the future?

Let’s get rid of such conflicts and elect Cindy Fuller to president of Medina City Council.

Tom Wilkinson

Ostmann for trustee

To the Editor:

I want to endorse Bill Ostmann for Medina Township trustee. I have known him for several years and have found him to be a hard and dedicated worker, whether it is on his personal business or for the township.

Please vote for W. William Ostmann to represent Medina Township for the next four years.

Jimmy Traynor
Medina Township

Miller has led Medina forward

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to write this letter in support of Medina’s current council president, Pam Miller.

It has been said Miller’s involvement in the community, evidenced by her service on a variety of local boards, committees and organizations, creates a conflict. The statement “Medina needs more than one voice” implies her community involvement somehow influences council’s decisions. This statement is simply not true.

When council makes a legislative decision, it is not filtered through its president’s opinion. Council receives information from the parties involved and under Miller’s leadership, individual viewpoints are heard and independent thinking is encouraged.

It has also been stated that under Miller’s leadership, “council is not business-friendly.” One needs only to check the record. Under Miller’s leadership, council has supported the creation of both an economic director and a planning and zoning director.

Miller owns a business on the square. She has a personal stake in creating an environment in which the establishments on the square can flourish. The innuendos she is somehow discouraging new business have not been factually supported. Perhaps her detractors, while stating the historical integrity of Medina is important, are really suggesting any restraint on property is living in the past.

I have served with John Wetzel and respect him. He is a hard-working servant and will be able to continue in that role. I have met Cindy Fuller, and with her résumé of board involvement, believe she also is dedicated to her community.

There is always room for improvement. I am glad to be in a position to be a part of Medina’s future. However, to claim Medina is moving in the wrong direction is simply not factually accurate. Medina is moving in the right direction under our current leadership. I urge you to vote to retain Pam Miller this November.

Dennie Simpson
Ward 2 councilman

Continue local library support

To the Editor:

Fifteen years ago the voters of Medina County took a bold step and made the decision to support their local library system with local money. With that money, they would not be totally dependent upon the vagaries of state funding and what very small amount of federal funds might come this way.

It is time again to continue the support that was first approved in 1992, which continues to pay dividends for Medina’s quality of life by providing 40 percent of the library’s operating budget.

In 2003, voters took a second bold step. They passed a bond issue that can only be used to build and renovate library buildings in the county. The Medina County District Library system, serving one of the fastest-growing counties in the state, has been busy using this money to build and expand libraries across the county.

It is vitally important the people know these are two very different pots of money. The 2003 bond issue monies are capital monies and can only be used to build libraries. The levy on the ballot in November can only be used to operate the libraries, keeping them open and staffed to serve you.

For over 20 years, I have been privileged to serve thousands of residents as a reference librarian. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic and vital system that welcomes hundreds of people of all ages every day. I am pleased to have this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the voters who have been willing to provide local support for local library services.

In 2003, local money was provided to build the libraries. In 2007, it is time again to approve spending local money to keep them operating at the level that residents have come to know and expect.

Elizabeth Nelson
Reference librarian
Medina County
District Library