July 23, 2016

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Top Dogs

Hundreds of fourth grade students entered the Top Dog contest this year. The five top winners received prizes and the first five dog tags for the 2007 year for their dogs. This contest was designed by Medina County Auditor Michael Kovack as a teaching exercise for children to give them the opportunity to work on their composition skills with the chance to win prizes being an incentive.

It also acts as the kick-off to the dog-licensing season to remind all Medina County residents that the annual dog license renewal period is Dec. 1 through Jan. 31. All dogs 3 months and older must be licensed at a cost of $12. The funds generate subsidized spay and neutering for animals adopted at the Medina County Animal Shelter and ensures a quick ticket home for your furry companion if he gets lost. Obtain your dog license with a check by mail, with a credit card through the Web site at www.medinacountyauditor.org or in person at the auditor’s office, 144 N. Broadway, Medina. Licenses also are available at the Medina County Animal Shelter, Drug Marts and other locations throughout the county. A complete list can be seen at the auditor’s Web site. If you have questions regarding dog licenses, call 330-725-9760.

Below are the top two entries for this year’s Top Dog contest, presented exactly as they were submitted. The third, fourth and fifth place entries will be featured on Dec 26.

First place
Claire Provagna, Home Schooler
My Dog
I think my dog is the best dog in Medina, maybe even in the whole world. But I know what your thinking. You need some proof and that’s why I put together this essay of why my dog is great. I’m almost positive you’ll be convinced once I’m done, but I’m getting ahead of myself. My dog’s name is Jiggs. He is astonishingly cute and extremely nice. My dog always tries to please you. If he learns a trick he just lifts his tail so high you wouldn’t believe. Sometimes we play fetch with him. He can roll over, and sit and stay, and come, and dance, and crawl (almost) and shake.

My dog snores when he sleeps in my bed. One time he had a bad dream. I knew it because he was making doggy whimpers. I had to wake him up so I myself could get to sleep. He loves his toys. We keep them in a basket in the laundry room. He gets one out of his basket and pitter-patters across the kitchen floor. He swings it around with his mouth and growls at it. He likes to be read to. He looks at you and never gets tired of the book. We’re on Cecille and the Gates of Gold.

He loves to go for walks. Sometimes we take him to Buckeye Woods. I asked my mom to hold Jiggs so I could run ahead and do cartweels my dog nearly choked himself because he wanted to be next to me. My dog was really happy to walk somewhere different from the neighborhood.

He’s not a perfect dog. He was afraid of this flowervase my mom bought to look pretty on the kitchen table. The whole family was staring at him and laughing. He kept on growing and barking at it. And one more thing, he’s absolutely, positively perfect for this family. Well those are the things that make my dog great. Your convinced, right? Well of course you are. I mean haven’t You read and thought about those things? Well I’m sure you will come to the truth sooner or later. THE END.

Second Place
Tyler Koval, Blake Elementary, Medina
I have the most awesome dog named phoebe. She is a Golden retiver, and she is 10 years old. She is a very kind and caring dog and hearing is outstanding. The reason why she is very kind is because she was a rescue dog. She saved many peoples lifes. I don’t know how many she saved all I know I is that she saved a lot. When she started she was probley about 1 years old when she started. She can do the best tricks. She can give you paw, she can catch frisbeys when she catch them she jumps really high. She can play dead. We play together every day. Sometimes we build a maze in our living room for her.

She’s just the best!

Barnosky can be reached at 330-725-4160, ext. 4075, via e-mail at petlady@roadrunner.com or by writing The Gazette, 885 W. Liberty St., Medina, 44256.