July 23, 2016

Mostly clear

A long farewell

For some soldiers, packing for deployment is a logistical nightmare because the military places certain restrictions on what can be taken. U.S. Army Spc. Damon Lawrence, 20, of Medina, of the Ohio Army National Guard, is permitted a duffel bag and two carry-ons for his flight to Texas. His rucksack and personal trunk will be shipped separately. Because he is part of a special group of 12 soldiers in his unit assigned to set up their barracks at Fort Hood, Texas, Lawrence will be without some items until the entire unit’s gear is shipped. “A long farewell,” a four-part multimedia series on Lawrence and four other members of the National Guard’s Golf Company, 237th Brigade Support Battalion, and their families, begins Wednesday. Thirty-three county residents will spend three months at Fort Hood before being deployed to Kuwait as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. See the editorial related to these citizen-soldiers here.