April 24, 2014


Star-Spangled Soldier

Members of Medina’s Ohio Army National Guard unit learned last year they would be deployed to Kuwait. Five citizen-soldiers shared their thoughts about serving their country and their days with family and friends before they said goodbye. This is the first installment in a four-part series.

  • Loret Steinberg

    This is a touching story — so beautifully photographed. Hearing Damon’s youthful voice and his optimism and reasons for joining the military are wrenching — he’s just a kid, with such hope, trust and promise! Damon reminds me of all those other young men and women who have gone to Iraq and Iran with similar simple dreams and hopes. The photographs and words show us so eloquently who and how he is…. the story breaks my heart. I hope he will return home with his spirit and body intact.

  • Loret Steinberg

    my apologies. Damon reminds me of all the young men and women who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. Heaven help us all if our children are sent to Iran, too.