July 25, 2016

Intermittent clouds

‘The Miracles of Jesus’ throught-provoking workbook

Tony Myles, pastor, book author, freelance writer, husband and father, has his dial fine tuned to “priorities” and his antennae seeking “balance,” and, as a result, his reception and subsequent broadcast of God’s message comes through strong and clear.

“My main passion is to do what God wants me to do,” said Myles, who has been pastor of Con-
nection Church since January 2007, when he and his wife, Katie, and their two young sons moved to Medina. “I’m thankful that God grabbed me and put me here to be a small part of the growth of Medina’s spiritual life.”

As an author of books and a writer for journals and newspapers, Myles could have chosen differently and turned his freelance writing into a full-time career.

Myles regarded writing as an opportunity to have an impact on a global network of readers yet remained open to God’s plan for him as an experienced spiritual leader of a congregation.

“I have a heart for being involved in the local church,” he said of his decision to remain active as a pastor while continuing to publish his work. “It allows me the chance to come alongside people’s lives and point them to Jesus.”

In sync with Myles’ growing sons and burgeoning list of publications, Connection Church also is blossoming as it heads into its fifth year.

“We’ve grown to two Sunday services,” said Myles, adding that the congregation relocated from Regal Cinemas to a facility at 387 Medina Road. “The move opened up more ministry.”
Myles recently co-authored “The Miracles of Jesus,” a 30-day devotional aimed at youth or those who work with youth, but equally relevant to anyone interested in deepening their relationship with God.

The multi-dimensional workbook outlines a curriculum that focuses on Jesus’ healing miracles as told in the Gospels. Each chapter unfolds a learning experience for the reader that includes a prayer, a reading that explores one miracle of Jesus, a response section with open space provided to write out thoughts or questions, an insight that lends the feel of a chat with a trusted mentor and ends with a reflection that dovetails learned concepts into the reality of daily life.

“The Miracles of Jesus” provides a supportive forum through which the reader can study the miracles of Jesus and grow closer to the God that sent him to earth.

Myles said knowledge of this God will give a deeper, more functional understanding of how to follow God and his plans.
Myles’ conversational style of writing that surrounds each of the 30 lessons creates a down-to-earth classroom that would appeal to youth as well as to readers of any age. The book can be ordered for $8.99 a copy or $69.99 for a 10-pack through www.sonlife.com or by calling 800-770-4769.

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