June 24, 2016


Boy unhurt as winds uproot tree

Staff Writer

MEDINA — Violent weather caused houses to creak, blew trash cans and triggered several false alarms Tuesday night, but at Rob and Jill McGarr’s house, 60-mph winds uprooted a tree in their backyard, which slammed into their 5-year-old son’s bedroom.

The ash tree fell into the second story of the house at 983 W. Abbey Drive, around 1 a.m. Wednesday, snapping a wooden beam in the ceiling, causing it to break through the insulation and plaster and swing down, almost hitting their sleeping son, Danny, said Rob, who added he plucked Danny from the bed, checked him over and was grateful to find he wasn’t hurt.

“A piece of ceiling fell and was on his pillow, an inch from his head. He was covered in insulation and had debris all around him,” Rob said. “Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt. He was scared more than anything.”

Jill said she was in a state of disbelief Wednesday, especially since a tree service had just removed a 112-year-old tree from their yard a month ago because it had been struck by lightning twice and was not considered secure.

“It’s very ironic. I mean, it’s been 30 days since we took down the ‘supposed dangerous’ tree,” she said. “What it comes down to is we are just blessed our son wasn’t hurt.”

Jeff Bumbulis, supervisor of Treemasters Tree Service in Lafayette Township, examines the damage Wednesday at Rob and Jill McGarr’s West Abbey Drive home in Medina after a tree fell into the house Tuesday night, landing in their son Daniel’s bedroom. (Bridget Commisso | Staff Photographer)

Danny, whose fifth birthday is today, stayed at his grandparents’ house in Strongsville on Wednesday, Jill said, while their daughter, Allison, 8, went to school so she and Rob could deal with getting the tree removed and contacting their insurance company.

Police were called to the house when the tree initially hit, Jill said, but Wednesday morning a concerned neighbor must have noticed the tree on the house and called it in again.

The fire department also came out, along with a building inspector, who said the house was secure enough and there wasn’t much else they could do except give Rob and Jill some pointers when talking to their insurance company, Fire Chief Bob Painter said.

“I’m just really impressed with all the services in Medina,” Jill said, talking over the sawing and thunking sound of branches being thrown onto the lawn by Treemasters Tree Service workers, who spent Wednesday afternoon removing the tree. “They’ve taken really good care of us, really fast.”

Other weather-related incidents Tuesday night and Wednesday included a tree falling across the road in the 600 block of Wadsworth Road, bringing some power lines down with it, police said, and another tree falling into the middle of Medina Township’s Frantz Road in the 3200 block, also bringing some power lines down with it.

The trees were cleared and power lines repaired by Wednesday morning, police said.

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