June 26, 2016

Partly sunny

Inventions aplenty

Willetts Middle School sixth-graders take part in the annual Invention Connection, held Tuesday in the Brunswick school’s gym. More than 200 students showed their creative sides with unique devices for parents and friends to peruse. Above, the Warming/Cooling Blanket, designed by Sara Jamiol and Erin Erdly, is a double-layered blanket that has Velcro tabs between the layers to secure hot or cold packs. Modeled by Erin’s mom, Gale, the blanket can be used to reduce fevers or cool hot flashes or to warm up a person who is ill or chilly. Below, the Puppy Rider, created by Morgan Pobega and Alissa Butler, features a scooter equipped with a lower compartment for a pooch to ride in and a window to check out the scenery, an upper compartment for supplies like a leash or water bowl, and a cup holder on top for the driver’s bottled water. (Photos by Sandy Barnosky)