June 25, 2016

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Local artist spotlight: Frank Geric shows passion for many types of painting

By John Benson
Special to The Gazette

When Frank Geric was about to retire from Ford Motor Company more than a decade ago as a millwright, the Westfield Center resident never dreamed he’d take up painting as a hobby.
Now a dozen years and more than 100 paintings later, the Cleveland-born artist is realizing a talent he never knew he possessed.

The Gazette: It’s probably safe to say not many retired millwrights take up a painting in retirement.

Frank Geric: I don’t know of any really (laughs). I just thought I would really enjoy it, and my wife, Elsie, signed me up for a vocational evening class just before I retired. So, I took the class, and I just stayed with it. I don’t have any formal training, so it’s more or less self-done.

TG: Maybe that was her way of getting you out of the house in your retirement?

FG: I don’t think that was her goal. She wanted to make sure I just didn’t sit around and do nothing.

TG: Clearly, you haven’t become a couch potato. At what point did you realize you had some artistic talent?

FG: Well, when I started painting, people were making comments that they thought my work was really good, really nice and they wanted to know if my work was for sale. So, I started selling it, and then I started doing different shows. I really enjoy it. And as long as I enjoy it, I’m going to keep doing it.

TG: What type of painter are you?

FG: I don’t know, it’s just a traditional type of work. It’s realistic, but I don’t like to use abstract style. I do landscapes, seascapes, florals and wildlife. I don’t do portraits. Somehow I feel like I don’t do them justice.

TG: Now that you’ve become a respected painter around Medina County, is there any wish list project you’d like to undertake?

FG: I would love to go out west and paint outside. Just to go out there and paint some of the scenery. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do it, but that’s my goal. I think that scenery is gorgeous out there.

Geric shows off his work once a month at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s M.D. Garage event. He’s part of the Crooked River Gang. In addition, several of his pieces are currently being shown now through May 15 at Marie’s Café.

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