June 29, 2016


Country music act Dingtown swings into Medina

By John Benson
Special to The Gazette

The name of the band may be Dingtown, but the country music act is the vision of Parma native-turned-Medina resident Marty Falle.

“Dingtown is a new band that’s been together for about seven months now,” said singer-songwriter-guitarist Falle. “The material was written by Vince Ruby, my producer, and myself, with the band supporting the songs that I write.”

Falle jokes that his musical style is “Marty Music,” which he describes as falling under the alternative country label.

Specifically, it’s a unique mixture of country, blues and rock that defines Dingtown’s debut effort “Ohio.”

Among the tracks found on the seven-piece band’s new disc are the country-blues title track and the fun “Hoochie Coochie Girl From the Buckeye State.” Falle said the latter song has already attracted quite a fan base.

“It’s like a psychobilly country swing song,” said Falle, who also plays out as a solo act and as part of acoustic trio Ruby, Falle and Hagler. “Dingtown has gotten a lot of airplay locally. In fact, a lot of the country line dancers in the area have already created an original country line dance to that song.”

With the release of “Ohio,” Falle feels there is plenty of momentum behind Dingtown in both Northeast Ohio and beyond.
“We’re in negotiations right now to open for some major country music recording artists,” Falle said. “And we definitely have plans to play at Blossom (Music Center) and some of these outdoor theaters. You really have to have a well-rehearsed, full outfit supporting your music.”

After playing to a packed house this past February, Dingtown returns to the scene of the crime with its upcoming CD release show, which takes place Friday at Dirty Cowboys in Medina Township.

“I’d say anybody that loves great country music will enjoy our show,” Falle said. “We’ve got a good mixture of cover songs from George Strait and Alabama. Plus we have great three- and four-part harmony, steel guitar, fiddle, keyboards and two lead guitar players.”

The CD-release show takes place at 9:30 p.m. Friday at Dirty Cowboys, 2743 Medina Road, Medina Township. For more information, visit www.dingtown.net.

Benson may be reached at ididhear@aol.com.