July 24, 2016

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This 4-leafer a charm for 4-Her

Staff Writer

MEDINA — Leprechauns and rabbits’ feet may signify good fortune for some, but for 12-year-old Tate Arters, a four-leaf clover is his lucky charm.

Tate, of Chatham Township, said he believes the clover helped his lamb win Grand Champion Market Lamb at the Medina County Fair on Tuesday. It also, he believes, helped his Cloverleaf Youth League baseball team win the championship July 14.

“I went to my championship baseball game and one of the mom’s gave one to (each of) us,” Tate said Friday while sitting outside the Junior Fair sheep barn where his prize-winning lamb, Juliet, lay curled up, eyes droopy with sleep in her own special champion pen, a grand prize ribbon adorning the wall above her.

Tate Arters, of Chatham Township, shows off his lucky four-leaf clover while standing in the grand champion pen with his winning market lamb, Juliet, at the Medina County Fair on Friday. (Andrew Dolph | Staff Photographer)

Tate’s mother, Sue Arters, an official at the fair, said the teammate’s mother picked 10 four-leaf clovers to give to all the players of the Chatham Majors before the game against the Lodi Mud Hens and placed them inside small, heart-shaped plastic containers.

“At the end it got really close and we were down one run. I had a guy on first and second with two outs and it was an 0-2 count,” Tate recalled. “Then I hit a ball out into right center field and brought in two runs to win the game.”

From that point on, Tate kept his four-leaf charm close and decided to bring it to the fair when he showed his lamb at 6 Tuesday night. It was his fourth year showing lambs.

“We went to the show and I put it in my pocket and I didn’t think I’d have a chance winning grand champion, but I guess my luck turned around,” Tate said, shrugging. “I thought the lamb was too small, and then I got real excited when I won.”

Tate said it was when the judge pulled four lambs, including his, out of the first place line that he realized he might have a chance, and became acutely aware of the clover tucked in his pocket.

Sue said she was thrilled when Tate won and thought immediately the four-leaf clover worked its charm.

“People usually say rabbits’ feet are lucky, but I’m sort of sold on the four-leaf clover being a lucky charm,” she said. “A four-leaf clover for a 4-H (event), it must go hand in hand.”

In addition to helping Tate, his clover’s luck also seemed to come to the aid of his friend Brad Terry, 14, of Seville, who touched it prior to the market steer competition. It was the fifth year he’s showed and the first year he’s won. Brad’s steer was named Reserve Grand Champion.

Laughing, Sue said Chuck Stiver, the Junior Fair Committee chairman, came up to Brad at the end of the show and said, “You don’t happen to have Tate’s four-leaf clover in your pocket do you?”

“I was like, ‘No, but I touched it before,’ ” Brad said. “Yeah, it was pretty sweet.”

Tate said he hopes the luck doesn’t run out when his clover dries out and curls up.

“I plan on just keeping it until it turns into a million pieces,” he said smiling and patting his pocket.

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