July 2, 2016

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Father, son roll perfect games


Special to The Gazette
BRUNSWICK — One 300 game on a set of lanes is something. Two 300s by two different individuals on that set of lanes is fantastic.

But when the pair of perfect games are rolled by a father-son combo on the same night on the same lanes in the same league, that is almost unheard of.

Accomplishing the feat on Aug. 25 at Brunswick’s Dick Hoover Lanes in the 6:30 p.m. McClory Graphics League were Anthony Knowles, who popped a 300 in the first game, and Stephen Knowles, who duplicated his son’s trick with one of his own in the second game.

“I was more excited about my son’s perfect game then I was about mine,” the 43-year old Knowles said. “This was my ninth 300 game, but it was Anthony’s first.”

Both Norwalk bowlers, who lived in Litchfield Township for 20 years, used the 4-10 board area as their line. The big difference is the younger Knowles is a right-hander, while his dad rolls from the left side.

Anthony used a PBA ball and the senior Knowles went with an AMF Orbit semi-fingertip.

“It was great throwing a 300 at the same time my dad did,” said Anthony, an 18-year-old Medina County Career Center graduate. “Nobody really noticed he had one going in the second game because they were all excited about mine, but when I told some bowlers they all started watching.”

Neither said they were nervous as it got closer to that 12th ball.

“I always feel if I can get by the sixth frame, I can roll the 300,” said the elder Knowles, who carries a 212 average. “The trick is just getting the ball out, hitting your spot and hope you don’t get tapped.”

The same opinion was echoed by Anthony, whose previous high game was 289.

“The sixth frame is my jinx, too,” he said. “This is the first time I had gotten by the sixth with a string of strikes. I started off the second game with five strikes in a row and was thinking about another 300, but got stopped in the sixth frame.”

Adding to the evening’s excitement was the fact the father and grandfather of the pair, Walter Knowles, was bowling on the same Jhelbare Winery team.

“I think he had a 300 series,” Stephen Knowles quipped.

While Stephen Knowles’ 727 series was no big deal for him, it was a bigger moment for Anthony. In addition to his 300 game, his 773 series was a career high, bettering his previous best of 693.

For junior bowlers out there, it should be noted that both got started in bowling through the Medwick Junior Bowling program, with the younger Knowles starting as a 3-year-old.

Anthony, who carries a 195 average, may soon be slowing down on his bowling activity since he recently became engaged to Amber Bartos of Norwalk.

“You can bet she will be learning (to bowl),” he joked.

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