June 30, 2016

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‘Beyond the Threshold’

Religion Editor

MEDINA — In her new book, “Beyond the Threshold,” author Laura Adams shares a year she spent with God. The introduction describes her selection of the title, although it may sound “ethereal or philosophical,” as “the most practical explanation of the revelation God has given me as I have journeyed through this particular year with Him. A threshold by definition is any point of entrance or beginning. As in a physical doorway, one must purpose himself to walk beyond it if he is to enter through.”

It was a year of learning to trust God more deeply, love him more deeply. Journaling comes as naturally as breathing to her, and her words captured “how my heart received from Scripture — and their hearts can receive as well,” she said.
The journal wasn’t started as a book for public consumption in the first place, Adams explained. About to embark on the spiritual journey of the new year, she started looking for a devotional with substance. But nothing seemed to be what she was looking for.

“I needed something fresh, and I looked online, but it seemed all of the books were things (that came across) like ‘coffee breaks with God,’ ” she said. “They all seemed pretty airy.”
In prayer, she asked God to show her what she needed in Scripture, and so began a self-examination and soul searching she explored through journaling.

She wrote this journal in 2004 and over the next three years decided to develop it, honing it into a daily devotional. Adams described “Beyond the Threshold” as a global body of work, with its content Scripturally accurate, biblically based and geared so any denomination can use it as a catalyst for study.

Although she chooses quiet time to read Scripture, journal and pray, one room can’t contain her works in progress.
“I keep notepads everywhere,” she said. “I even have a shower crayon. I’ve written stanzas of poetry on the shower wall.”

Adams is no stranger to writing. She’s published “Lifelines and Legacies,” a collection of poetry, and is a frequent contributor to Foursquare Church’s national Web site, www.Foursquare.org.

She said she doesn’t “profess to have all the answers, but speaks and writes with a gentle authority and understanding” for what people go through. Scripture is drawn from both Old and New Testaments. Each page introduces a new selection for the day, followed by Adams’ thoughts and space for readers to pen their own observations, then wraps up with a short prayer. It takes readers through tough spots and into the transformative love of Christ and God’s glory. There are pages that pick you up and carry you, and others that allow you to soar on wings of praise.

“We need to be the people we say we’re going to be as Christians, we need to try to be real,” she said. “I hope this helps people pursue honest relationships with God, for those who want that accountability — to make a relationship with God their No. 1 priority and develop an abiding relationship with Christ.”

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