July 1, 2016

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Charlie Bell chimes with The Icemen

Special to The Gazette

During his years spent teaching math at Medina High School, Charlie Bell always dreamed of taking his soul music singing hobby to a new level.

Surprisingly, the Georgia native found his opportunity a few years ago while overseas as part of the Fulbright teacher exchange program.

“While I was teaching in Finland, I met this band,” said Bell, calling from his home in Newport News, Va. “They came to something I was singing at church. A friend that knew me called them up and said, ‘You need to see this Charlie Bell guy.’ They drove an hour and a half to hear me sing at church.

“I was approached after the show by this gentleman who said, ‘I have a band together, I have a studio and I’ve been looking for some black guy to sing gospel and some blues and jazz. I’d like to get together, put together a demo and see if you like what I play and do, and if that fits you and vice versa.’ ”

Bell, who is married to retired Medina City Schools school teacher Barbara, said it was a few weeks later in 2006 that he visited the band and magic ensued.

“I spent the weekend there, we did some things, and it just clicked,” Bell said. “So we started doing some stuff later on that year and then after Christmas started working on some stuff and putting together a concert tour and wow, things happened quickly.

“It was certainly a shock and a surprise to me that this was happening. I certainly didn’t go over to do that but always have dreamed about singing with a band and doing some blues and jazz and soul music. It’s amazing they know about American music, blues, soul and gospel.”

The result is Charlie Bell & The Icemen’s debut recording “Love One Another,” which features originals “Go With You” and “On The Way,” as well as covers such as Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready,” Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Tick Tock” and Bob Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody.”

“On the CD, I’m doing the vocals and background vocals,” said Bell, a former major in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. “My producer plays the guitar. We have a bass player and drummer also. So it’s a quartet, and the CD is composed of blues, gospel and soul music. We do some cover songs and there are four original songs. I went back to Finland this past summer, and we’re working on a second CD for hopefully in the next year.”

Bell said current plans call for the band to add more instrumentation and background singers for the new CD, as well as to tour stateside in 2010. In an effort to move closer to family, Bell and his wife are moving back to Virginia. However, he hopes to bring Charlie Bell & The Icemen to Northeast Ohio. For now, he’s just excited about “Love One Another.”

“I think everybody would enjoy it,” Bell said. “That’s one of the goals that this is music that when people listen to it, they can actually feel some things from it. This isn’t just an ordinary album that you listen to but don’t really listen to. It actually allows people to think about themselves, about life and just some good music that will move you.

“Even if you’re not a fan of gospel, blues or jazz, there is something in there you’ll hear that’s different from other things. I think the CD really has some heart.”

For more information or to purchase “Love One Another,” e-mail diversitynaction@yahoo.com.

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