September 30, 2014

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A laundry list (including clean socks) of thankfulness

I am thankful for:

Wise preachers
Gifted teachers
Wild creatures
And added features.
Falling snow
Driving slow
A cup of joe
And laying low.
Curb finds
Short lines
And tall pines.

Babes in arms
Female charms
False alarms
And family farms.
Winsome smiles
Watches with dials
Uncorrupted files
And firewood piles.
Snow blades
And good grades.

Corn shocks
Short talks
Long walks
And clean socks.
A bit of guilt
A soft lilt
Milk not spilt
And a warm quilt.
Service personnel
Church bells
And autumn’s smell.

Four-poster beds
Nut breads
Gray heads
Barns and sheds.
A sense of place
Saving face
Home base
And “Amazing Grace.”
Wool gloves
Mourning doves
Playful shoves
And true loves.

Our old house
Wedding vows
Hay mows
And elevated cows.
Jellies and jams
Turkeys and hams
Stuffing and yams
Grandpas and grande dames.
Hymn sings
Old things
Rope swings
And tangerines.

My daughter
Harry Potter
Well water
And column fodder.
My son
A sticky bun
Warm sun
And good clean fun.
And dill pickles.

And recycling centers.
Chicken coops
Large scoops
Small groups
And homemade soups.
Maple trees
Macaroni and cheese
Reliable knees
And family recipes.

Sunday afternoons
Harvest moons
And clean restrooms.
And visiting the city.
Cold pot roast
Cinnamon toast
A sharp riposte
And a gracious host.

Traditional ways
Breakfast buffets
And Saturdays.
Pumpkin pies
Blue skies
Soft sighs
And short goodbyes.
Dumb luck
My pickup truck
Saving a buck
Tom and Huck.

Deep roots
Old coots
Big galoots
And tall boots.
Scrambled eggs
Long legs
Hat pegs
Rules and regs.
Dr. Seuss
Garden produce
Orange juice
And cutting loose.

Wood smoke
A good joke
Plain folk
And cold Coke.
Wood stoves
Hot loaves
Orange groves
And treasure troves.
Quiet nights
Window lights
Voting rights
And E.B. White.

A sidelong glance
And familiar pants.
Near misses
Fond wishes
Stolen kisses
And clean dishes.
Wood floors
Antique stores
Outside chores
And Herb Score.

Local dairies
Cash and carries.
Happy dogs
Some blogs
Cherry logs
And morning fogs.
Small towns
Proper nouns
Greens and browns
But not clowns.

A book fair
Country air
And a word of prayer.
Love notes
Work coats
Quotable quotes
And Quaker Oats.
Life’s labors
Small favors
Scrimpers and savers.

Crisp sheets
Cash receipts
Lunch meats
And plowed streets.
Bumper crops
Curiosity shops
Moms and pops.
Licking the beater
Time on the meter
Birds at the feeder
And you, the reader.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Gladden may be contacted at or 330-721-4052.