July 1, 2016

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Dirty Cowboys adds rock nights; former members of Boston to perform tonight


Special to The Gazette

MEDINA — Changes are afoot at local entertainment hot spot Dirty Cowboys, which opened less than two years ago.

“We’re definitely known as a country bar,” said Jake Thomas, Dirty Cowboys’ general manager. “And it was going well at first until basically we attracted the identity of being a clean-cut, line dancing, water-drinking bar, whereas now we’re leaning more toward the rock-sounding, shot-taking and grungy sort of identity. So it’s definitely going a lot better as far as rock goes, but we’ll still always keep country a part of whether we open up extra days during the week or not.”

Currently a rock bar on Thursday and Saturday nights and a country venue on Wednesday and Friday nights, Dirty Cowboys started to make this change a few months ago.

Thomas said the decision was pure economics with water-drinking country clientele not spending as much money as alcohol-drinking rock fans.

“We did lose a few dedicated country people, but the majority of our people ended up staying,” Thomas said. “We’re definitely trying to make as much money as possible, and we still want to cater to our patrons. But by us making more money on rock nights, all that’s enabling us to do is provide more services and larger venues for our country crowd.

“And now we’re leaning more toward booking more national acts twice a month.”

While singer David Allen Coe and modern rock band Red Wanting Blue are both booked for separate January dates, rock act Cosmo, which features former members of classic rock band Boston, is scheduled to play Dec. 6 at Dirty Cowboys.

Thomas said some folks may think Dirty Cowboys is changing its musical colors, so to speak, but he feels the opposite is true about the 970-person capacity venue.

“I guess I want people to remember we’re always going to have line dancing and there will always be at least some country aspect to us,” Thomas said. “We’re just trying to create a very personal atmosphere where we’re not going as large as, say, a House of Blues or Blossom (Music Center) or places like that, but we definitely have more of a personal atmosphere for larger bands. We’re definitely more of a concert hall now, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

Cosmo is scheduled to play Dec. 6 at Dirty Cowboys. Tickets are $20 ADV/$25 DOS.

For more information, visit www.dirtycowboyssaloon.com.

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