June 29, 2016

Intermittent clouds

Santa goes green

Accent Editor

In this year’s Christmas story contest, we gave readers the challenge of saving Christmas by somehow conserving energy at the North Pole. Entries piled in like presents under the tree, and the creative solutions stunned us.

Here are a few excerpts from some of our favorites:

“Mrs. Claus can unplug her mixer when she’s not mixing cookie batter. She can unplug the toaster after breakfast. We can unplug electric tools, shut down the chargers for the walkie-talkies when they are not charging and shut down the GPS until Christmas Eve since Santa won’t need to know where he is going until then. Santa Claus can unplug his hair dryer when he is finished drying his beard and computers can be shut down when not in use.”
— Abbygael Cancian, 9, Brunswick

“The polar bears and the penguins smiled at each other. They had been working on something secretly that would blow Santa away, literally. They had been working on it all year and were ready to show Santa. It is an engine that goes quadruple times faster than the old engine. When they show Santa he is amazed. The sleigh doesn’t use the regular energy. It is run by all the joy in everyone’s hearts so they have the speed to get to all seven continents.”
— Adam Hocevar, 11, Medina

“We can just replace all the machines that use a whole lot of energy with machines that don’t use a lot of energy. We need to do the same thing with materials. Just use materials that don’t use a lot of energy to make.”
— Allison Hier, 10, Wadsworth

“What if we line up our treadmills and use some of Mrs. Claus’s double chocolate chip cookies and hang them by a string in front of us. We could run to create energy.”
— Colin Edgley, 10, Medina

“We could make the toys by hand!”
— Madeline Schroer, 16, Brunswick

Tinsel the polar bear, talking to Santa: “Let’s face it. You have been getting strict when it comes to who comes on the Naughty List or the Nice List. Maybe you could add some of the lesser Naughty List participants to the Nice List, and we can use the coal from their stockings to burn and make more energy.”
—Robert Schroeder, 13, Medina

If kids can save Christmas at the North Pole, imagine what they will come up with if we ask for their help to conserve energy at home. I bet you’ll be glad you asked.
Abby Draiss, age 10, of Medina, conveyed enthusiasm for the environment best in her story:
“ Before we get started,” said Tinsel. “Let’s put are hand’s in.”
“1, 2, 3 Go green!” everyone shouted.”

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