June 27, 2016


Top Dogs

The Pet Lady

The 11th annual Top Dog Contest resulted in hundreds of entries from fourth grade students in the county who proclaimed the merits of their dogs to be chosen as Top Dog. Their virtues included companionship and camaraderie, being a play pal and offering comfort and unconditional love.

The contest, designed by Medina County Auditor Michael Kovack, gives children an opportunity to work on their composition skills and kicks off the dog-licensing period from Dec. 1 to Jan. 31 each year. Winners received the first dog tags of the year, as well as prizes donated by Bil-Jac Foods, Northland Dairy Queen, Medina Skateland, Medina AFC Bowling Lanes, Blockbuster, Pet Supplies Plus and Forgotten Animal Shelter.

Dogs older than 3 months must be licensed at a cost of a $12, which subsidizes spay and neutering for dogs adopted at the Medina County Animal Shelter. It’s the best Christmas gift you can give to your dog, because if he gets lost he’ll have a quick ticket home. The finder would simply call the auditor’s office or the Medina County Animal Shelter at 330-725-9121 to trace him to his owner. Finders also could log onto the auditor’s Web site at www.medinacountyauditor.org and click on “Lost Dog Tag Search” to find the owner, but remember to change your info if you move.

Dog tags can be purchased with a check by mail, with a credit card through the auditor’s Web site, at the auditor’s office, at the Medina County Animal Shelter or many other locations throughout the county. A complete list of vendors can be seen at the Web site. If you have questions, call 330-725-9760.

Below are the fourth- and fifth-place winning essays for this years’ Top Dog contest exactly as they were submitted by the students, as well as a list of the honorable mentions.

Barnosky can be reached via e-mail at petlady@roadrunner.com or by writing The Gazette, 885 W. Liberty St., Medina, 44256.

Fourth place
“My Dog is Top Dog”
Payton Schmidt
Heritage Elementary

My name is Payton Schmidt, I live in Medina and have 2 dogs, but I am only going to enter one. She is a Golden Doodle and her name is Holly. It was Christmas Eve and we had just come back from visiting my Grandma & Papa in Michigan. My mom & dad said we were going to go for a drive and look at Christmas lights. We drove to this house that did not really have any lights decorated on the outside of their house. We could not figure why my mom was pulling in the drive way. We got out of the car and went to the house & rang the doorbell. We could hear lots of dogs & could tell they were puppies from the way they sounded.

I kept asking why are we here? Then my mom & dad told us we were going to get a new puppy dog. We got to pick her from 3 other puppies. We picked our dog because she kept giving my dad kisses on the nose. We would not be able to take her home just yet because she was not old enough. We had to wait until she was 8 weeks old. But the lady told us we could come see her anytime we wanted.

When we brought her home our other dog Hershey didn’t really know what to think. We had a lot of fun playing with her and Hershey when she was a little puppy. But now she is 10 months old and is very big we have more fun with her. We take her on walks around the block, on trails at the park and let her run at Jump Park with the other dogs. I like to play with her and throw her toys. One of her favorite games to play is tug.

She will bring you the toys and drop the toys on your lap.
She is very active and loves meeting new people. Holly thinks she is still just a little puppy dog that can cuddle up on your lap. We laugh all the time. When we take her for walks all we have to do is jiggle her dog tags and she comes running.
When she is playing in the backyard she likes laying on her back and roll around.

When we get our shoes on to leave, she thinks she gets to go in the car with us. It’s funny because she will put her feet on the door and stick her head and chest out the window. People always laugh and smile as go by.

Fifth place
“My Dog Carlos”
Patrick J. Ubienski
Buckeye Elementary

My dog, Carlos, is the Top Dog in Medina County. I was looking for a dog because it was going to be one of my birthday presents. Then this lady came from my church, and she gave me a discount for this dog since the price she wanted was too high.

The dog was so cute with big pupils. Carlos is so protective because he is aware of intruders. My dog, Carlos, is nice if someone is sad.

My dog deserves to be the top dog in Medina.

Honorable mentions

St. Francis Xavier School
Mrs. Parente, teacher: Caroline Baker; Ashley Buehner; Jonathan Clayton;, Jessica Coyne; Jacob Felber; Jacob Schmidt;
Mrs. Frank, teacher: Ethan Bauer; Ashley Beal; Sheila Bradley; Olivia Damm; Cheyenne Dryer; Tyler Hornbeck; Delan Jurewicz;
Mrs. Baker, teacher: Kasey Aneek; Marin Auth; David Blinkhorn; Shannon Croghan; Meredith Conley; Matthew Geary; Jon Hassman; Madeline Sciulli.

Hickory Ridge
Mrs. Baga, teacher: Logan Straub, Amber Forsythe.

Huntington Elementary
Mrs. Weinert, teacher: Nicole Aborub; David Adkins; Tyler Fabian; Devin Hagler; Isabella Kusnerak; Micah Martino; Mackenna Richardson; Paul Spencer;
Mrs. Kingsbury, teacher: Jake Cerovac; Kelsie James; Megan Stalker; Dalton Wrentmore;
Mrs. Patterson, teacher: Jessica Baloun; David Fedj; David Minns; Melanie Petitti; Clareasa Snider.

Memorial School
Mrs. Yeager, teacher: Cassidy Krupa.

Buckeye Elementary
Mrs. Reisner, teacher: Lindsey Jaeger; Anna Petek; Sarah Scheiman; Rachel Shuler; Shelby Steingass.

Garfield Elementary
Ms. Paidas, teacher: Joshua Arthur; Danielle Matelske; Jose Montano; Kaitlynn Parker; Colleen Sibilski;
Mrs. Yates, teacher: Samantha Ott

Heritage Elementary
Mrs. Berger, teacher: Brian Pattison
Mrs. Hartshorn, teacher: Michael Heller
Mrs. Parsons, teacher: Jessica Long; Emma Wade.

H. G. Blake
Mrs. Lynch,teacher: Kyle Alexander; Raelynn Cornett; Andrew Frederick; Margaret Kriebel; Jenna Rodenbaugh; Evan Moreland; Alexis Metcalf; Elizabeth Salai; Sarah Williams;
Mrs. Rosenwald, teacher: KyLea Hurla.

Isham Elementary
Ms. Haic, teacher: Taelir Beery.