June 25, 2016


3-D comes to town

By ALLISON WOOD | Staff Writer

MEDINA — A 10½-foot-wide pair of 3-D glasses hangs in the main lobby of Regal Medina 16.

Made of cardboard and designed by several students in the multimedia and digital design class at the Medina County Career Center, the glasses promote the new projector and 3-D movies at the theater complex.

Last week, Regal Medina 16, 200 W. Reagan Parkway, started showing 3-D movies after a digital movie projector was installed in one of its theaters.

“Hands down, there’s no competition,” general manager Sue Gerycz said. “It’s all through the computer, there’s no film.”

Students from the Medina County Career Center fabricated larger-than-life 3-D glasses to celebrate the recent addition of a digital projector at Regal Medina 16. (Andrew Dolph | Staff Photographer)

The theater is one of only a few in the area to have a digital projector; the nearest theaters are at Regal Cobblestone Square in Elyria and Cinemark in Valley View, she said.

To play a movie on the digital projector, the projectionist places a hard drive into the projector and then inputs a code “key” the movie studios give to the theaters, Gerycz said.

The projector cost about $85,000 and it required installing a new screen to better accommodate the 3-D picture. Unlike film, the digital picture is clear with no black marks appearing on the screen, she said.

The animated movie “Coraline” currently is playing in 3-D until tonight. Starting at midnight Friday, the theater will show a concert by the Jonas Brothers for at least a week.

Upcoming 3-D movies include the animated “Monsters and Aliens” in March and “Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” in July.

Gerycz said “3-D is the really big thing right now.”

The price is usually $2.50 more per ticket for a 3-D movie, but tickets for the Jonas Brothers show are $15 each since it’s a concert, Gerycz said.

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