July 23, 2016

Mostly clear

Principal Mabry makes mischief after losing bet

Maria Kacik | The Gazette

BRUNSWICK — He didn’t have a desk or a computer. And he didn’t have an office or a classroom. Instead, Kidder Elementary Principal Mark Mabry spent Thursday on the school’s roof and he got into a little mischief while attempting to pass the time.

The principal tossed water balloons at students. He assailed them with squirt guns. And he hooked a fishing rod with messages for students and dangled them in front of classroom windows while teachers lectured.

“Sometimes you just have to have some fun,” Mabry said.

He was up there after losing a bet with the students. He told them that if they earned 8,500 Accelerated Reader points — which are given to students based on the challenge level and number of books they read — he would spend a full day on the roof.

“I thought, OK, well they won’t get there,” Mabry said.

But they met the goal by April and achieved a total of 11,383 reader points for the school year.

“We’re very proud of the kids. They’ve worked very hard,” said Lisa Wagoner, the school’s librarian. She said students spent much of the year learning about NASA and space travel, since 2008 was the 50th anniversary of Kidder and NASA.

“Because we couldn’t afford to shoot (Mabry) to the moon on a rocket, this was the closest we could get him to space — on the roof,” Wagoner said.

Fifteen of the school’s students were treated to a special luncheon on the school’s lawn, where they could watch Mabry idle the day away on the roof. Those kids were the ones who read the most.

“I owe it all to Harry Potter,” said Elizabeth Gallegeher, a fourth-grader.

Another fourth-grader, Jonas Biskach, chimed in: “I read the whole series this year.”

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