April 24, 2014

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BREAKING NEWS: Sheriff to lay off 14 workers, free 48 inmates

MEDINA — Fourteen employees of the Medina County Sheriff’s Office will be laid off, and a 48-bed male unit at the Medina County Jail will close next month due to budget cuts.

In light of the staff reductions, 48 inmates must be released by Aug. 5 when the layoffs are effective and the unit closes, Sheriff Neil Hassinger wrote in a letter to county commissioners Wednesday. Two male units at the jail already were closed due to staffing cuts.

Read Friday’s Gazette for more on this story.

  • concernedtaxpayer

    This is exactly what i’ve been posting about at the new blog about Medina County’s misuse of tax dollars. Read some of the comments – some are even from the Sheriff himself. http://medinataxes.blogspot.com/ I find it insane that the county is paying for new parking garages and laying off this many officers and freeing criminals? CRAZINESS.