July 1, 2016


Job fair features new way to apply for job

BRUNSWICK — New technology for job-seekers to text message an application to potential employers will be available at the city’s job fair Friday.

This program is making its debut at the fair and is a product of the University Heights company Flexhire. The fair will run 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Brunswick Recreation and Fitness Center, 3637 Center Road.
Flexhire CEO Joe Regallis said the texting program was released in
August, but this is its first use at a job fair.

City Economic Development Director Tim Smith, who is organizing the fair along with the Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce, said he likes to improve the fair every year and thought using Flexhire would make it better for job-seekers and employers.

“This is how people will look for jobs in the future,” he said. “We’re beta-testing this.”

Smith said he was approached by a Flexhire representative after reading this summer about the job fair.

During the fair, job-seekers who fill out an application at www.flexhire.com will be able to use a special code to text-message employers.

Regallis said the program is helpful because job-seekers do not need to physically fill out applications for every employer to apply and it allows employers who cannot come to the fair to take applications.

Flexhire’s services are tailored toward industries such as retail where employers constantly must hire employees due to high turnover, Regallis said, especially during the Christmas season.

“One thing companies have told us is they got too many applications,” he said. “It’s a paperwork nightmare.”

He gave an example of how someone looking for seasonal employment at a mall could just text-message the same application to every store, which would have its own unique code, by using Flexhire.

“In five minutes, you could fill out five applications,” Regallis said.
The information gathered on the site also can be used to fill out payroll and health insurance forms if necessary, he said.

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