June 30, 2016

Partly sunny

Deer dazed at Claggett Middle

MEDINA — It wasn’t the clamor of schoolchildren that echoed through the halls of Claggett Middle School around 8:15 Friday morning. It was the clip-clopping of deer hooves.

“We had a little visitor in our building,” said Craig Komar, the school’s principal. An eight-point buck jumped through one of the front windows of the school and began walking down the hallway.

“Our best guess is it’s mating season right now. I’m sure it saw its reflection and thought it was another deer,” Komar said.

med-a1clr-4coldeer-copy Claggett Middle School Principal Craig Komar holds an antler from an eight-point buck that crashed through a front window of the school Friday morning and briefly roamed the halls of the Medina school. The antler fell off after the buck hit an office window inside the school. (Maria Kacik / Gazette)

He said class was in session at the time and no students were in the hallway.

After jumping through the front window, the deer hit an office window and lost one of its antlers. Komar said some employees cornered the buck in a room near the kitchen and shooed it down the hallway and out one of the side doors.

“So there is a one-horned buck running around Medina somewhere,” he said.

The deer was in the school for about six minutes, he said.

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