July 25, 2016

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Where’s Owens?

Trying to track down Medina mayoral candidate Clarence E. Owens is like playing a rigged game of Where’s Waldo.

Each election year, The Gazette makes every attempt to provide readers with information on candidates running for office. Despite repeated attempts to obtain information on Owens’ candidacy, he has been as elusive as a public option for health care.

In September, we mailed a written request to all candidates running for office this year and asked them to complete a biographical form. The form asks for personal information like age, occupation, military service and education, as well as goals if elected. In the Medina mayoral race, each candidate also was asked to respond to three questions: What are your qualifications to lead the city of Medina? What do you believe are the most important issues facing the city? If elected, what changes in the city administration would you make, if any?

Medina mayoral candidates Rick Greenberg and Dennis Hanwell responded, and each accepted an invitation to discuss his candidacy in an endorsement interview.

We tried to reach Owens by phone, but no matter what time of day we called, no one picked up. A reporter stopped by his house at 666 N. Huntington St. and knocked on his door. No answer. She left a note asking Owens to contact her about his candidacy. No response.

On Thursday, the same reporter tried again and a man answered the phone. After she identified herself as a reporter from The Gazette, however, all she heard was a click followed by silence.

On Nov. 3, Medina voters will see Owens’ name on the ballot for mayor. He apparently is a candidate in name only.

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