June 27, 2016

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We give thanks to countless meaningful things

Here’s an encore installment of “thankful things” sent in by Gazette readers. Each letter and e-mail was a blessing to read.

I am thankful for my husband. We are blessed to be together for 64 years. We met when he was seriously wounded in the South Pacific. He served for four years and was seriously wounded going out to pick up a soldier who was shot. He received the Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster. He is my hero and I thank God every day for still being together.

My perpetual thanks go to my grandma, Catherine Vanza, for buying the farm in 1923. This 13-acre plot in Hinckley is providing ongoing memories for — as of now — five generations.
Hinckley Township

I’m thankful God chose to let me live long enough to relax in my twin recliner opposite the mate of my youth, to watch TV and eat popcorn at the end of the day.

I’m thankful to be able to look around my house and enjoy the many family pieces handed down to me from my parents, grandparents and beyond.
I’m thankful for the memory of a summer day when God held off a promising storm so we could bring in a good crop of hay.
Westfield Township

I’m thankful I created the little wildlife sanctuary we have now. While I can no longer garden, I’m thankful the wildflowers and ferns still come up.
Chippewa Lake

At 82 years old, after two knee replacements, I’m so thankful for a beautiful fall and that I can be outside and rake leaves.
I’m thankful for the wonderful neighbors who care and look after me.

I am thankful every day when I stop and remember that my children are healthy. Knowing that gets me through anything.

I am thankful for my family and friends for all the support they gave me after the death of my husband in August.
I am thankful for the people who really do forgive and forget.
I am thankful for my dog Molly for always being happy to see me.

I am thankful …
… my boss thinks I’m good enough to keep around;
… for my level-headed husband who keeps me from going over to THAT side of crazy;
… for the cow that died so my husband could have a new valve in his heart;
… for the “goodie boxes” my mom always gives me for Christmas because I’m always out of something that just happens to be in that box — like tissues or toilet paper or dish soap;
… for funky socks. They let me feel cool, while not making me that lady in denial who dresses like a teenager;
… I can be proud of my dad for being a Vietnam vet;
… my brother and his wife have a beautiful daughter so I can buy Barbies for someone.
Gloria Glens

I am thankful for excellent children’s books that capture important truths with a few, well-chosen words, beautiful artwork and an appealing story.
Montville Township

Here are some of the things my fifth-graders at St. Matthew Lutheran Church are thankful for:
My cats.
My house.
My family.
My family and my friends.
My room, my sister, my cat, my Guinea pig and the forest in my backyard.
My Sunday school teachers so I can learn about God.
The newspaper, a kitten, pumpkins, friends and family.

I’m thankful to The Gazette for running pictures of abandoned animals from so many agencies.
I am grateful for the amazing content of our public library. If not for books on tape, I would die of boredom behind the steering wheel. Listening to a book keeps me alert — and alive. (The cell phone talkers should consider listening instead of yakking.)
I’m thankful for small-business owners, who need a boost in these days of economic distress, government takeover and big-box stores.
I’m thankful for the “unseen” people: church workers and volunteers; our Community Services Center volunteers; township trustees; friends who remember your pantry when they harvest their gardens.
Our Medina County Health Department employees, both in their communication and their services, deserve a thanks and recognition for the good they do.
Lafayette Township

I am thankful for the beauty and solace of nature which I enjoy daily. I am also grateful for my husband who has introduced me to the wonderful life of camping, hiking and campfires.

I am thankful for our country and the ability to still speak our mind and vote our choice.

I am thankful for:
The wall that separates my head, so warm on its pillow, and the storms that will soon be raging outside;
The mute button on my TV;
The privilege of pastoring an amazing, servant-hearted church for 31 years;
The comic strips in the newspaper.

I am thankful for being able to go through this crazy, beautiful life with the love of my life!

I am thankful for all the caregivers at the Alzheimer’s care centers and drug-abuse centers.
I am thankful I don’t have to take my teeth out at night.
I am thankful I can walk up and down stairs without pain or assistance.
I am thankful I can eat anything.
I am thankful for my husband’s love and caring for my mother, thanks to the upbringing he had from his sisters.

I am thankful for modern technology that provides me with adaptors for my computer. Since I am physically disabled, the adaptors let me read the newspaper and Internet. Since my sight and hearing are not very good, one of the adaptors reads out loud for me. I’m also thankful to the Society for the Blind, which sends me books on tape.
Medina Township

I am thankful for dinner on the table when I have to work late and come home hungry.
I am thankful for my two healthy daughters who get A’s and B’s in school, do their homework and help out around the house.
I am thankful for my wonderful husband who helps out with everything from housework to shopping and laundry, while also being my best friend.
I am thankful for shelter and food and jobs that we have that so many other people need and desperately want.
I am thankful for Friday nights when you know you don’t have to get up early on Saturday!

Amen. And Happy Thanksgiving.

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