April 23, 2014

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Man gets 5 years, plans appeal

MEDINA — An Ashland man who was convicted of entering a friend’s home while armed with a gun was sentenced to five years in prison Friday.

In November, a jury found Matthew Hartman, 40, guilty of aggravated burglary, a first-degree felony.

Hartman and his lawyer Marilyn Cramer filed motions for acquittal earlier this month that claimed several violations during the trial. Prior to sentencing, Common Pleas Judge Christopher J. Collier denied the motion for acquittal.

Cramer said Friday she and Hartman plan to appeal.

“We’re very disappointed the court set aside our motions for a new verdict. Matthew Hartman did not receive a fair trial. We know (the verdict) will be reversed on appeal,” she said.

“The court obviously did what it thought was fair,” said Medina County Assistant Prosecutor Scott Salisbury, who requested a 10-year prison sentence.

Hartman’s case stems from a May 27 incident in which he and his wife had an argument while driving. Hartman’s wife dropped him off at his parents’ house on Franchester Road in Harrisville Township and went to a friend’s house down the road.

Hartman then drove to the friend’s house in an all-terrain vehicle with a gun swung across his shoulder and entered the unlocked residence. One of the homeowners met Hartman with a gun of his own outside a bedroom where Hartman’s wife and children were hiding. The homeowner then took him outside to wait for authorities.

Cramer said in November that Hartman earlier in the day planned to go to the friend’s Franchester home to show his new ATV.

She said it wasn’t uncommon for him to go to the home with a gun for hunting, and also it wasn’t uncommon for him to enter without knocking.

Cramer said the owner of the Franchester home did not hold Hartman at gunpoint while waiting for police.

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  • samiam

    Melissa, you shouls get a hold of me. I have been through the same experience as you have and am still dealing with it. Yes Medina courts are corrupt. Samanthaharr@yahooo.com

  • medina1981

    You are not alone in unfair dealings with Medina Court system….we were railroaded by a lawyer and prosecutor….threating us and STRONGLY suggesting we take a plea or else….We had never delt with the “system” before and were scared and frightened by all the legal mumbo jumbo….to say the least we ended up taking the plea becasue we had a crappy lawyer and didn’t know any better. Now there is a 4th degree felony on the record, that still haunts us. We are looking into getting it expunged, but of course it costs money and we will ahve to deal with the crooked and “all boys” network of lawyers and judges and magistrates. They all make behind the door deals, and are in cahoots with the police, yet they can’t monitor their own…..
    My nephew says…lawyers are liars, and he will be an attorney.
    Good luck to you….

  • pursuitofjustice


    These corrupt politicians MUST be removed from office. the kangaroo courts of Medina County have and continue to intentionally deprive citizens of their constitutional rights. I am gathering information on all of those cases which support the fact that the Medina courts are plagued by public corruption. Please contact me at miguelsword@verizon.net.