June 25, 2016


Fuel producer checks out Medina area

MEDINA — Medina may be the future home of cutting-edge alternative fuel technology if Enertech, a broker representing several companies in the nano-fuel industry, chooses the city as the location for its new facility.

Tom Krueger, Medina’s economic development director, said discussions with Enertech are ongoing. If Enertech does choose Medina, he said the move could create an estimated 180 jobs.

Enertech’s plan is to build a facility that produces diesel fuel from garbage, also called nano-fuel, Krueger said.

“A lot of the commercialization of this process is being utilized a lot more in Europe now than in the States,” Krueger said. “A lot of this technology is fairly new; we’re talking in the last three, four years.”

At full capacity, the facility probably could produce 60,000 gallons of high-quality diesel fuel per day, Krueger said. The city would benefit from the lower-cost diesel fuel the Enertech group would produce, since in 2009 alone it used $50,500 worth of diesel fuel, Krueger said.

The nano-fuel facility could use waste from the Medina County Central Processing Facility in Westfield Township, Krueger said.

He said the economic and environmental benefits of a nano-fuel facility are many, including a reduction in landfill growth and the transportation costs of shipping waste to and from the landfill.

“The products produced from (the process) are electricity that’s fed back into the grid, diesel fuel and a black-coal product for use in asphalt. Everything that comes out of this process is useful,” Krueger said.

He said the facility could even create an additional 50 to 100 jobs in the manufacturing sector if the companies involved, one of which is based in Germany, decided to manufacture the equipment for the facility in or near Medina as well.

Another possible benefit, Krueger said, would be a public-private agreement among the Enertech group, Medina County and Medina city to receive revenue from fuel sales.

Although a deal with Enertech is not in the immediate future, Krueger said his office is working with county and state officials, including U.S. Rep. John Boccieri’s office, to possibly capture grants for renewable energy and development that would help attract the company to Medina.

“I would venture to guess that they would like to have something moving forward by summer,’ Krueger said about Enertech’s schedule.

“I think it would be a great advantage economically and environmentally” for Medina, he said. “It would be huge.”

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