April 23, 2014


BREAKING NEWS: Fatal accident on Route 18

GRANGER TWP. — A Chippewa Lake man, traveling east on state Route 18, died Friday after his Chevrolet Tahoe slid across the highway into oncoming westbound traffic, the Ohio Highway Patrol reported.

  • bobby

    You tube? Seriously, you have no respect for life in general, this isn’t cool to watch, someone just died.

  • reallypeople

    Bobby I agree with you on the you Tube thing, but leave it to Medina Gazette to actually publish it!! Shame on them!

  • concernedcitizen

    Shame on you for posting this on you tube. This is very disrespectful and personally I will NEVER buy another newspaper from you because you put this out there. How would you feel if your family member were killed in a horrific car accident and it was displayed on the internet…

    Ever since the paper sold out, it has gone down hill, and I for one am done with it!

  • thesnowman

    oh my gosh i passed this accident it was about 1:45 or so and i saw someone out there videotaping. i thought it was like the trooper doing his report or something. how disrespectful.

  • towtruckchuck

    So let me ask this question…how many of you watch the news? If any of you said you didn’t your liars. How is this any different? The answer is it isn’t.

    So get off your high horse, and leave condolences for the family. No need to stir the pot.

    Thats why newspapers have had to go to these lengths because of people turning to the internet.

  • cmp2993

    I can’t believe you people. This was a personal friend of our family and you go and post this on YouTube?! This is disgusting and wrong of you,I can’t believe what kind of people we have around us. To “Towtruck Chuck”, this is VERY different. The news on TV is meant for stuff like this, people expect to see it there. Now, YouTube is NOT the place for this stuff, I can’t believe they would put it on YouTube. People in no way expect to see this on YouTube. How disrespectful…

  • towtruckchuck

    So is it wrong that CBS posted the clips about the killer whale death? Or how about NBC’s Dateline shows talking about a murderer? Its not different.

    I am sorry that a man lost his life. But this video isn’t gruesome, it doesn’t show any blood and guts and is simply a video story about an accident that tragically claimed a young mans life.

    As for you Hater, check out YouTube. There are plenty of stories like this from the major news outlets, plus more home videos of tragedies.

  • quietwork

    I agree with Towtruck:
    this video didn’t reveal distasteful footage, However, it also didn’t serve a purpose. There were no journalist reporting on the scene, there
    were no interviews with the paramedics, authorities or the victims family. The Article itself is a joke, no real information (even if it was a “Breaking News”, you would think Maria would put on her reporter hat and actually find out some information..so far the only thing her video and photos have done is annoy me with the lack of a wind guard- Mute…it’s a beautiful thing. As for Major News Chuck…I’d be curious to see if how many of the Gazette’s advertisers actually read the internet version of this rag…and how many just might agree with Hater….you never know…stranger things have happened.

  • cleonard86

    I am someone who knows the victim who survived this crash and he is lucky to be alive. My heart goes out to you and your family. As for this video, it should of never been posted on youtube. pics are good enough for this type of stuff.