June 26, 2016


Commissioner matchup set

MEDINA — Medina County Republicans chose Adam Friedrick on Tuesday to challenge Democrat Bill Lamb in November.

According to unofficial results from the Medina County Board of Elections, Friedrick garnered 7,662 votes to Kathryn M. Truman’s 6,367 in the Republican primary for the commissioner’s seat.

Friedrick, 43, holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics from Miami University and is a plant manager at Beckett Gas Inc. in North Ridgeville.

“I just think the climate was right for someone who was a grassroots conservative. I think the fact that I was in the military and worked in manufacturing, people just identified with a regular guy who wants to get involved and make a difference,” said Friedrick, who spent nine years in the Marine Corps.

Truman, 40, congratulated Friedrick in a statement.

“I am deeply grateful to the many Medina County conservatives who supported my candidacy,” said Truman, a Guilford Township resident.

Lamb said he looks forward to campaigning for the commissioner’s seat being vacated by Sharon Ray, who announced last year she would not seek re-election.

“It’s great to have a public debate,” he said. “People have a choice. We can have a good healthy debate and see which one people will choose.”

Lamb, 58, holds a bachelor’s degree from Lincoln Memorial University. He is a former Medina mayor and is a middle school teacher at Lippman School in Akron. He said his campaign will focus on “smart growth, long-term land use and long-term financial issues.”

Friedrick said he also looks forward to the upcoming campaign.

“How we view the county budget and how we are going to look at things like that — I’m going to be more conservative than he is. We have two different sets of principles and people will pick what matches their own,” he said.

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