July 24, 2016

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It’s going to be a bumpy summer

MEDINA — Orange cones, barrels and road closing signs are dotting Medina’s roads as the city faces one of its busiest construction seasons.

“This is a really busy one,” City Engineer Patrick Patton said, “which is good. We’re very fortunate. Most communities don’t have the capital program we do. We’ve also gotten a ton of state and federal grants.”


  • Several road construction projects are under way in Medina, including rebuilding this stretch of Oak Street. (Liz Sheaffer / Gazette)

    Three of the largest projects already are under way:

    — Guilford Boulevard between East Washington Street (state Route 18) and East Smith Road.

    — South Harmony Street between East Liberty and East Washington streets.

    — Oak Street.

    All are undergoing road reconstruction and utility replacements, including storm water sewers. The three are open to local traffic only.

    The Guilford project started this week and will be completed in August, Patton said, while work on South Harmony began in March and will finish in June. Adding new storm sewers and water lines on Oak Street began last year, and the reconstruction project began in April and should finish next month.

    The projects will cost the city an estimated $1.9 million. Revenue from the portion of Medina’s income tax slated for street projects will pay for them.

    Smaller projects starting this summer include resurfacing tracks at nine railroad crossings. They will lead to temporary road closings, although only for a week at a time, Patton said.

    The city is working in conjunction with the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, Ohio Public Works Commission, Ohio Railroad Development Commission, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway on the project.

    Patton said although the work on the crossings will cost an estimated $2.5 million, the city’s share is around $500,000.

    The crossings are at Progress Drive, West Liberty Street by Root Co., Lafayette Road near the Medina County Fairgrounds, Ryan Road, South Elmwood Avenue near East Smith Road, West Smith Road between South Elmwood Avenue and South Huntington Street, South Huntington Street, South Prospect Street and Medina Street.

    Patton said the track resurfacing will done individually or several at a time, if possible. “These projects are really very quick. You can be in and out in about a week,” Patton said. “But you have to close that road down.”

    Another summer road project will upgrade the intersection of Lafayette and Ryan roads by adding turning lanes.

    “These projects will be underway at some point,” Patton said, noting his office still has to conduct a traffic study to determine where the turning lanes will be added.

    Turning lanes also will be added at South Court Street and Sturbridge Drive, he said.

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