June 29, 2016

Intermittent clouds

Forget LeBron; where’s Mocha going?

BRUNSWICK — This was “The Decision” everyone had been waiting for — at least those at Gale’s Brunswick Garden Center.

Mocha, the black and brown cat who has made the store her home for the last five years, received an offer for a lifetime supply of catnip if she picked up and went to a competing store.

The spoof of the LeBron James saga was all in jest, and the staff and others at Gale’s certainly had fun with it.

“Here’s the story: We checked on Mocha’s phone and found that she had been texted another offer,” said Dick Goddard, Fox 8 meteorologist. The Medina Township resident is a regular at Gale’s and said he’s really taken to Mocha.

Mocha apparently had told her friends and family at Gale’s that she would announce her verdict Saturday.

The decision coincided with Mocha’s 5th birthday. There was cake, ice cream and a clown — all in celebration and to convince the store’s favorite feline to stay.

However, the only one not in a partying mood was Mocha herself. She was curled up for a cat nap on the warehouse’s shelves, store owner Burt Young said.

Mocha showed up at Gale’s when she was just 9 weeks old and has been sleeping in the store’s many hiding spots ever since.

But Mocha made an appearance at the party just long enough to make her long-awaited decision. Goddard opened an envelope from the feline to find a note that read: “Staying. No place like home.”

“You made a good decision, Mocha,” Goddard said as he picked her up and gave her a can of cat food.

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