June 25, 2016


Holding out

BRUNSWICK — Stand on one foot. Put one hand on this freezer. And wait.

That’s essentially what 25 contestants in the Stand Up for Life contest at Home Appliance Sales and Service were told
Wednesday. They soon found it was harder than it sounded.

“Your foot burns,” said Brunswick resident Frank Titchnell, who was the first to be disqualified from the contest around the 20-minute-mark.

The contestants were vying for a GE freezer and a grocery gift card, together worth $1,000. To win it, they had to keep one foot in the air and one hand on the freezer, and outlast all the others.

The contest was part of a promotion for the American Red Cross. The Red Cross Bloodmobile was on scene for blood donations and the store had a raffle to raise money for the nonprofit organization.

Beth Grayson, who owns Home Appliance Sales and Service with her husband, Brian, said they wanted to do a creative fundraiser.

Before Wednesday’s event, she tested herself to see how long she could last on one foot with her hand on the freezer.

“I could barely make it 30 minutes,” she said just before the contest started. “We’ll see if they practiced.”

Apparently they had. After about six hours, five contestants — all female — were left.

“It was funny. They were trying to psych each other out,” Grayson said. “And now people are bringing them in food.”

After almost eight hours with her hand on the freezer and foot in the air, Kristi Juchnowski of Brunswick was the last one standing.

“It was long, but everyone did a really great job with hanging in there. Some were really stubborn ones who hung in until the end,” Juchnowski said.

Grayson said she didn’t expect the contest to last so long.

“My feet are killing me and I’ve been on the floor all day on two feet,” she said.

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