June 29, 2016

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Road levy up for second try passes with nearly 70% of vote

HARRISVILLE TWP. — A road improvement levy on the ballot for the second time this year passed Tuesday by about 70 percent of voters in the township and Lodi.

More than 60 percent of township voters approved the five-year, 1-mill levy in May, but an oversight by the Medina County Board of Elections left the measure off the ballot in Lodi.

“We thought it passed in (May), but we found out they forgot to include the village in the vote, so we had to start over,” township trustee Tom Packard said.

The levy passed this time 188 votes to 79, according to unofficial results from the Medina County Board of Elections.

The levy will generate approximately $40,121 a year and cost property owners $14.22 a year per $100,000 of appraised valuation.

Packard said the township and village have a maintenance agreement and often work on road repairs together, though levy money does not go directly into the village’s road fund.

“We help the village and they help us sometimes when we need road repairs, so it works back and forth,” he said.

He said the levy is a renewal and passage was crucial to maintaining roads.

“We’d be all right this year, but we’d be short next year and have to cut back or not do any road work for a while,” he said. “I’m glad it passed because we can keep up with the repairs. If you don’t do any for one year it adds up, and you’ll have to do too many at once the next year.”

In addition to resurfacing at least three roads this year, the money will be used for the Garden Isle Road project, Packard said. The $343,925 project will straighten approximately 500 feet of road that intersects with Willow Road.

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