June 28, 2016

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Accused again: Man ‘banned’ from Wadsworth now charged in Medina for threatening county worker

MEDINA — A man appealing a sentence in Wadsworth for harassing city employees is facing similar charges in Medina Municipal Court.

In 2008, Jeff Aberegg, 50, of Barberton, was “banned” from Wadsworth city property after he was convicted of telephone harassment for repeatedly calling employees at the Wadsworth prosecutor’s and mayor’s offices.

The case is before the 9th District Court of Appeals. Aberegg wants the city to clarify his sentence, claiming it is too broad and could result in him being arrested just driving on streets or walking on sidewalks in Wadsworth.

However, Aberegg will be in the Medina court on Sept. 10 on a telecommunications harassment charge for allegedly threatening a county employee.

Sgt. James Foraker of the Medina County Sheriff’s Office said a complaint was filed on July 9 by a domestic relations court employee that Aberegg left a threatening message on the employee’s voicemail.

Reportedly, there was an issue regarding child visitation between Aberegg and his ex-wife that led to the alleged threat, Foraker said.

“He wasn’t happy with what happened there, so he called the domestic relations employee and left a threatening message that caused him to be to be charged,” he asserted.
Foraker declined to specify what the threat was.

“It was a threat to a court employee and our job here is to protect the people here, so we take this very seriously,” he said.

In addition to the 2008 telecommunications harassment conviction, Aberegg was convicted of telecommunications harassment in Wadsworth Municipal Court in October 2004.

As part of his 2008 sentence, Aberegg was put on five years’ probation during which he was prohibited from being on city property, “including but not limited to city hall, transfer station, WCTV, sanitary engineers, fire station, police station or city parks,” according to the sentence.

City officials say the intent of the sentence was not to “ban” Aberegg from the city as a whole, but to put an end to the repeated calls to city employees.

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