July 23, 2016

Partly sunny

Car flips SUV, hits mailbox, tree & house

BRUNSWICK — A 22-year-old man reportedly blacked out while driving east on Laurel Road Sunday night, rear-end­ing another vehicle and causing it to flip over, then striking a tree and a house and severing a gas line, Brunswick police said. Officer Scott Smith said Brunswick police and EMS responded. No one was injured.

Brunswick resident Justten Kavedzic, 22, was cited for failure to control in the accident.

Smith said Kavedzic’s Chevy Camaro was eastbound on Laurel Road at 8:07 p.m. when he blacked out and rear­-ended a Mitsubishi Outlander with two passengers, causing it to go off the left side of the road and flip end-over-end before landing on its side.

The Camaro then reportedly swerved off the right side of the road, struck a mailbox, swerved back to the left where it swiped a tree and continued into the neighbor’s yard where it struck the house and severed a gas line.

“He’s very lucky he didn’t hit that tree head-on,” Smith said.

In total, Smith said the Camaro traveled 389 feet from the point where it struck the Outlander to where it came to a stop against the house.

Smith estimated the house, located at 3735 Laurel Road, was about 100 feet from the road. Smith said no one was home at the time and no structural damage was done to the house because hitting the mailbox and the tree slowed down the car. However, the gas main against the house was severed, causing gas to leak for about a half-hour until Columbia Gas could come and turn off the gas and secure the line, Smith said.

He estimated the cars were traveling about 35 mph at the time of the accident. Smith said Kavedzic is not suspected of using drugs or alcohol and that he woke up after the airbags of his car deployed and does not remember the accident.

Smith said initially, police thought the driver was fleeing the scene of the acci­dent, but then realized he was retracing the car’s tracks to see if anyone was hurt.

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