April 20, 2014

Mostly clear

Swastikas deface Ohio congressional candidate’s signs

TOLEDO — Spray-painted swastikas have defaced campaign signs of an Ohio congressional candidate who dressed in a Nazi uniform during World War II re-enactments.

The Blade of Toledo reports Republican Rich Iott issued a statement calling the vandalism that appeared Tuesday offensive and disrespectful, particularly to Jews.

Iott told The Associated Press this week he participated in the re-enactments to educate the public. He said he did not agree with the Nazis’ views or actions.

In his statement on the swastikas, Iott accused his opponent’s campaign of encouraging what he described as, “these hateful actions.”

A spokeswoman for Democratic U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur calls the allegation ridiculous and says Kaptur’s campaign condemns any vandalism.

  • cman

    kaptur is career politician and resposible for the mess this country is in as much as those who voted for her
    this guy was doing a reinactment with his kids
    kaptur has to go she has been a a parasite for to long

  • rahopkins

    “Career politician” is another way of saying that Kaptur has devoted her professional life to public service. It also means that she has a high degree of competence that she brings to Washington.

    Iott’s own comments reveal him to be a Nazi sympathizer. Of all the possible hobbies he could have, he chooses to dress up in Nazi uniforms and reenact Nazi battle triumphs all the while marveling over the acheivements of, you guessed it, the Nazis. The specific unit he chooses to reenact assisted an einsatzgruppen in murdering Hungarian Jews.

    The real significance of this story is that a person can be a Nazi sympathizer and even dress in their uniforms while still being a Republican tea party candidate for Congress.