July 24, 2016

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13th CD: The incumbent vs. the car dealer

Car dealership owner and businessman Tom Ganley, a Republican from Brecksville, is challenging incumbent Democrat Betty Sutton for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District.

The district zigzags from the city of Akron in Summit County through northern Medina County and southern Cuyahoga County to the city of Lorain in Lorain County. Sutton, who lives Copley Township, has held the 13th District seat since 2006.

Q: What is your strategy to bring jobs to Northeast Ohio?

Ganley: I believe we can bring jobs back to Northern Ohio by lowering taxes, giving businesses the freedom to hire more people and ensuring long-term sustain­ability. The stimulus, aimed to create jobs, has only created short-term work that will leave job-seekers looking for another opportunity in a matter of months. We can expand the employment field by growing the private sector.

Sutton: In these tough times, my most important job is getting Ohioans back to work. We need to invest in job training and reward the small businesses and manufacturers that will drive our recovery forward. That means continuing the fight to level the playing field for American man­ufacturers and small businesses that create jobs in Northeast Ohio, treat their workers right and their customers fairly.

I will pursue policies to strengthen manufacturing as I did when I passed an amend­ment to ensure that as we rebuild our nation’s infrastruc­ture, it will be built with Ameri­can iron, steel and manufac­tured goods that will create good jobs here at home.

Q: What is your position on privatizing Social Security?

Ganley: Entitlement spending, which includes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, is fraught with waste, fraud and abuse. We need to address these inherent problems that have resulted in deficits and raised costs without privatizing the sys­tem.

Sutton: I am against privatiz­ing Social Security and will fight efforts to do so. Social Security has been a bedrock promise in our country for 75 years, and I am committed to ensuring that hardworking Ohioans can count on it for gen­erations to come.

Republicans have promised again and again to privatize and cut Social Security, and Republi­can leaders continue to refuse to take these threats off the table.

I will stand up and fight to pro­tect the vital programs older Northeast Ohioans have earned with a lifetime of hard work.

Q: What are the biggest chal­lenges facing Northeast Ohio?

Ganley: First and foremost, addressing unemployment is the biggest challenge. We need jobs in the private sector that will help Ohioans and their families return to prosperity.

Another challenge in North­east Ohio comes from the poli­cies in Washington that further harm our economy and have us wondering what may be next, such as cap and trade, which will cost families hundreds per year and put Ohio business at an unfair advantage.

Ohio is home to many great businesses (big and small), schools, energy innovators and families that deserve policies from Washington that will not leave them in fear of what may be coming next.

Sutton: In these tough times, my most important job is getting Ohioans back to work. I will con­tinue to fight to put working Americans first to ensure North­east Ohio’s small businesses, job ­seekers and manufacturers get a fair shake.

I will fight for measures that create jobs here in Ohio, and stand up for the middle class when big corporations try to take advantage of them, just as I did when I took on the credit card companies that prey on our fam­ilies.