July 24, 2016

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Medina City Council seeking computer consultant

MEDINA — City Council is seeking proposals for an information technology consultant.

Council on Monday night approved a request for proposals regarding the consulting position because its two-year contract with Mirifex Systems is set to expire at the end of December.

The duties include maintaining and trouble-shooting the city’s various computer systems and equipment, including those at City Hall, the Police and Fire departments, and the Medina Community Recreation Center.

The work should not exceed 24 hours a week.

The city pays Mirifex about $81,120 a year for its services.

Mayor Dennis Hanwell said while the city is requesting proposals from IT consultants for the job, it is also talking with Medina school officials about swapping IT services from the district’s staff in exchange for the city paying the full cost of its school resource officers.

“Those are just talks, those talks are continuing,” Hanwell said Monday. “We have to make sure they understand the scope to make sure their IT (people) are capable of handling those things for us.”

The district reimburses the city up to $25,000 annually for the middle school resource officer. The city also has an officer in the high school and a detective in the elementary schools.

School resource officers are posted at schools to deal with criminal issues, but also to play an educational and guidance role for students.

In other business Monday night, Council approved funding the recreation center’s use of software vendor Active Network for website registration.

The center potentially could save thousands of dollars a year on credit card fees with the online move.

The center absorbs a 2.9 percent charge on all credit card transactions, director Mike Wright said, which costs about $26,000 a year.

Using Active Network will cost $11,251 a year, and as long as $3,000 worth of transactions are made each year online, a $3,000 fee would not be applied, so the center potentially would only pay $8,251 for the service, he said.

Patrons who use the online registration will be charged 2.9 percent as a “convenience fee,” Wright has said.

However, patrons still will be able to pay for classes at the recreation center if they prefer.

Wright has said online registration could be available as early as January.

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