June 25, 2016


With revenue waning in Medina, rates might rise at the rec center

MEDINA — Decreased revenue esti­mates have Medina Community Recre­ation Center officials tightening the budget by cutting one full-time posi­tion and raising rates by 8 percent for some members.

The rate increases do not affect those who are renewing their memberships. Only new members, corporate mem­bers and summer members will pay the increased rates if City Council approves the increase. The rates would go into effect Jan. 1.

The new rates for city residents would be $227 for an adult member­ship, up from $210, and $522 for a fam­ily, up from $483.

Council’s Finance Committee tabled the rate increase last week pending fur­ther review. However, the committee did approve abolishing the full-time facility manager, an administrative position.

Michael Wright, director of the Med­ina Community Recreation Center, said the position would cost about $500,000 in salary and benefits over five years. Wright, along with one or two other staff members, will absorb the job’s duties.

“Cutting this position is a very sad choice for me but it’s for the betterment … of the (recreation) center” and its members, Wright said. He added the cut would have the least impact on patrons and other staff members.

“I know it’s going to increase my job duties and I’m not in any way asking for more (compensation) while taking on more responsibilities,” Wright said.

Estimated decreases in revenue for the next five years prompted the changes, Wright said. In 2010, the rev­enue estimate was $2.65 million but spending came in at $2.84 million. Carry-forward funds filled in the gap, but those funds were depleted by doing so.

Fiscal year 2011’s revenue estimate is $2.676 million, according to Wright.

“We had to come within that budget at our current full-time staffing or we would have been way over in that budget,” Wright said.

“Unfortunately, someone had to lose a job. It’s a difficult decision to make but it’s a business decision without throwing more money at the problem,” At-large Council­man John Coyne said.

The rate increase likely will be before the Finance Com­mittee when it meets at 5:30 p.m. Monday. Council’s regu­lar meeting follows at 7:30 p.m.

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