June 27, 2016

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Medina artists want to spice up the square

MEDINA — A coalition of art organizations is hoping to display works in the city’s historic district if Council agrees to the proposal.

“We’re not proposing filling the square with a bunch of sculptures or anything,” said Matt Wiederhold, director of Main Street Medina. Main Street is one of the organizations involved in the coalition.

Wiederhold said the idea was to form a committee to approve public art displays and carefully locate them in the district with respect to its his­toric nature.

The city would not pur­chase any of the art, Wiederhold said. However, current city code does not provide a method of review or consideration of outdoor art on pub­lic property, prompting Main Street Medina, the Medina County Art League, the Medina County Arts Council and the Medina Community Design Committee to inquire if it would be possible.

The art under consideration would be similar to the piece that inspired the idea of public art installations, a tile mural created by the public dur­ing Medina’s International Fest on Aug. 28 that is nearly complete.

Wiederhold said the coalition is borrowing ideas from the Columbus Art Commission’s guidelines for forms for submission and review.

The coalition recently presented its proposal to the finance committee and offered to form a committee to review the selection for art and ulti­mately create a master plan for out­door art in the district.

Such a plan would make it easier to obtain federal and state grants for the displays.

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For more information:

The Finance Committee likely will discuss the issue further at its meeting Monday at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 132 N. Elmwood Ave., Medina.