July 23, 2016

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Vietnam-era ordnance found in Sharon Twp.

SHARON TWP. — A township man made a unique wartime dis­covery Friday afternoon while working outside on his property.

Robert Spring, a South Medina Line Road resident, was clearing trees around the pool area of his home when he located a device that “appeared to be something … shot out of a cannon,” according to a Medina County Sheriff’s Office report. Spring located the item in an area that was overgrown with weeds and shrubbery.

Spring retrieved the item, which was identified by the Summit County Bomb Squad as a Vietnam­-era howitzer round. He moved it about 30 feet to the edge of his driveway prior to calling authori­ties, the report said. A howitzer is a type of artillery that has a relatively short barrel. It propels projectiles at relatively high trajectories that also have a steep angle of descent.

The round discovered about 3 p.m. Friday was old and rusted. It contained just the head portion and no secondary charging appa­ratus, the report said. Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Ken Baca suggested the round could have been left on the property by some­one who “collected this type of stuff.”

The Summit County bomb squad removed the ordnance from the property.

Authorities told Spring if he locates anything similar in the future to not move it and to call the Sheriff’s Office for safe removal.

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