July 1, 2016


Medina graduate vows to make 52 Facebook applications in 52 weeks

MEDINA — Some make resolutions to lose weight, others to quit smoking, but a Medina High graduate has a uniquely modern New Year’s resolution for 2011: Create 52 Facebook applications in 52 weeks.

Joshua Schwarz, 19, thought of the idea with friends at Case Western Reserve University, where he is a freshman computer science major.



“One of my friends in the dorm mentioned how I was always creating something, and they asked me, ‘Hey Josh, you’re like Tesla, what are you going to be creating this week?’ ”

At the time, Schwarz didn’t have an answer, but the 2010 Medina High School graduate later decided to create one Facebook application per week in 2011. He previously created three applications on the social-networking site, which has an open development platform.

Facebook’s popular applications include games like FarmVille and quizzes that let users answer questions about their friends and also read what friends say about them.

Schwarz already has developed his own quiz application, one of the questions being whether or not someone is a good dancer.

Developing the applications became easier for Schwarz after a few tries, but coming up with 52 ideas will present a challenge, he said. He is soliciting ideas on his website, Amagit.com, and Amagit’s Facebook page, where he will track his progress throughout 2011.

“What I’m hoping is that by doing one a week and collecting 52 per year, I will find a couple of standouts,” he said. “There are some companies out there that create Facebook applications, so I wanted to find a standout application that was so popular it could become a commercial endeavor.”

Those standouts might include an application Schwarz currently is developing, which will allow users to organize friends by their relationship statuses.

Also already on Amagit’s Facebook page is Schwarz’s application Media Stream, which links a user’s favorite movies to the movie trailer, or musician to a song.

Schwarz said he ultimately will start his own Internet-based business, like a new Google or Facebook.

“I have entrepreneurial career goals, so if I could jumpstart a business, that would be the ideal situation,” he said.

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