July 1, 2016

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George Mose makes deal, pleads guilty on second day of murder trial

MEDINA — A Florida man accused of planning to kill his ex-girlfriend pleaded guilty to attempted murder Wednesday, the second day of his trial.

Medina County Prosecutor Dean Holman said George Mose was given the minimum sentence of three years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of attempted murder and one count of attempted aggravated burglary.

Mose, 46, already has served more than a year in the Medina County Jail since Brunswick police arrested him in November 2009. He will be released in November 2012 and will be forbidden from re-entering Ohio. He also cannot have any contact with the victim or her family.

Holman said the victim, a married Brunswick woman who used to date Mose, was scheduled to testify Wednesday and was emotional.

“She didn’t want to go into court. She didn’t want to look at him. She didn’t want to be in the same room as him,” Holman said.

He said Mose and his lawyer, Kevin Dunn, came to prosecutors and offered a plea in exchange for the recommendation of a three-year sentence.

Dunn could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening.

“We had a solid case. There’s no guarantee what the jury wanted to do. We did this because this is what the victim wanted,” Holman said.

In his opening statements Tuesday, Holman said Mose had a romantic relationship with the 49-year-old Brunswick woman that ended in March 2009.

He said Mose was depressed for several months afterward and detailed a plan to his roommates to kill the woman and then commit suicide.

According to Holman, Mose said he would show up at her door disguised as a balloon delivery man in order to gain entry to her home.

Mose’s friends reportedly began to worry when Mose took three days off work and disappeared Nov. 3, 2009. They called Brunswick police Nov. 4 and told dispatchers Mose was en route to Brunswick to kill the woman.

Brunswick officers found Mose at about 2 a.m. Nov. 5, 2009, in the parking lot of Express Inn, 1385 S. Carpenter Road. He had 24 balloons and a clipboard, but no weapon.

An employee of Alternative Paths, a community mental health agency in Medina, testified Wednesday that during an evaluation Mose confessed his plans to kill his ex-girlfriend by strangling her.

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