June 30, 2016

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Ohio’s Medicaid cost could jump $1.6 billion

COLUMBUS — The head of the new Governor’s Office of Health Transformation says Medicaid will cost taxpayers in Ohio $1.6 billion more next year if no changes are made, and he’s trying to reduce costs.

Greg Moody told The Columbus Dispatch the administration wants to evaluate the rates paid to care providers and expand home or community-based care for the elderly and disabled. It’s an effort to limit nursing home costs, which amount to about one-fifth of Medicaid costs.

The $1.6 billion increase is mostly due to a loss of stimulus funding and would make the state’s cost $4.9 billion in the next fiscal year. It would be a 49 percent jump in what the state pays for the health care program, which serves more than 2 million poor and disabled residents.