June 28, 2016

Mostly cloudy

He’s a rose — painting his way to an early spring

LITCHFIELD TWP. — Never mind winter, tulips are springing up all along Richman Road.

Sure, they are painted on the snow by John Rose, 46, but for those looking forward to spring, it’s a step in the right direction.

“I love winter, but it’s so white out here, I need to brighten it up,” Rose said while painting the flowers onto a snow bank across from his home at 4631 Richman Road on Friday.

“It’s like a frozen tundra out here.”

A spray-bottle filled with food coloring and water in hand, Rose painted a number of designs on the snowy canvas this week, like hearts, a bicycle and a smiley face.

“I like to indulge my whimsical side,” he said. “Art is whatever gets your whimsy going.”

Rose worked as an engineer for 23 years, something he said didn’t embrace his artistic streak.

Today he is primarily a wood artist, specializing in creating custom furniture.

He was waiting for the finish to dry on one project when his mind started wandering and he remembered painting the snow as a kid.

Rose said he thought about painting snowdrifts in a parking lot, but figured someone would complain about it.

So he painted his front yard and across the street.

“The neighbors next door said they liked it,” he said, beaming.

He added it can be a good way for kids to express creativity, and for parents to get them to play outside in the winter.

“Little kids should do that — go outside and write in the snow or something,” he said.

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