May 25, 2016

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Medina man allegedly goes bonkers on bath salts

MEDINA — A city man pleaded not guilty Tuesday to persistent disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, crimes that allegedly occurred while he was high on bath salts.

Police were called to the residence of Lucas Kocab, 31, of 545 W. Smith Road, for the second time in a month at 6:01 p.m. Feb. 17.

Kocab called police because he thought there were 30 intruders in the house, but none were found when police arrived, Lt. Bob Starcher said.

Kocab allegedly was running in circles, yelling and acting paranoid, and Starcher said officers had to use a Taser on Kocab in order to handcuff him.

“He said (the intruders) were trying to make it seem like they were not there, and they would try to blend into their surroundings, like chairs and trees,” Starcher said.

Heidi Miller, 29, of the same address, reportedly admitted to snorting bath salts a few hours before the incident with Kocab, Starcher said.

She also was charged with persistent disorderly conduct and has pleaded not guilty.

Kocab was taken to Medina Hospital and he was arrested Friday after he was released, Starcher said.

Kocab is free on a personal recognizance bond, according to Medina Municipal Court records.

On Feb. 6, police were called to Kocab’s residence about a report of a man with a loaded handgun acting paranoid and scaring his friends.

Kocab was taken to Medina Hospital for a psychological evaluation at that time, Starcher said.

The bath salts Kocab allegedly used are not typical bath salts bought at the grocery or drug store.

These bath salts contain synthetic drugs that mimic the effects of methamphetamines.

Because the drug is still legal, police cannot press drug charges against Kocab, Starcher said.

“He can’t face drug charges, but it’s obvious he is a danger to himself and others while abusing this chemical,” he said.

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