June 25, 2016


Judge to decide on Auersald’s forgery case

MEDINA — A judge is hearing testimony on a forgery charge against Montville Township resident Dennis Auerswald while a jury simultaneously hears testimony in his trial on murder and aggravated murder counts.

The jury was kept in another room while a Medina police officer testified Tuesday about a May 21, 2009, traffic stop during which Auerswald was charged with operating a vehicle while impaired.



Officer Kelly Moran said Auerswald did not offer him a driver’s license. Moran said he searched Auerswald’s vehicle and found an apparently doctored Illinois driver’s license.

“It looked obviously fake,” Moran said.

He said he later cut the license apart and found it was actually in the name of Maureen Auerswald. A picture of Dennis Auerswald, his name and his signature apparently had been placed over his wife’s information. The license then was laminated again.

The Auerswalds lived in Illinois in the 1990s.

Defense attorney Robert Campbell pointed out Dennis Auerswald, 60, never offered the card to the officer as his own.

“Correct?” Campbell asked.

“Correct,” Moran replied.

Common Pleas Judge Christopher J. Collier will decide whether Auerswald is guilty of forgery. The jury will decide his fate on the murder charges.

Auerswald is accused of poisoning his wife with antifreeze in 2009.

Moran, who met the Auerswalds during a 2008 domestic violence call, testified Auerswald told him during the traffic stop in May 2009 his wife had died. Moran said he asked Auerswald how she died.

“He said, ‘They haven’t figured it out yet,’ ” Moran said, but testified Auerswald later said his wife died of a heart attack.

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