June 30, 2016

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Some probate records will be posted online

MEDINA — Starting Monday, Medina County Probate Judge John J. Lohn will begin providing online public access to certain probate records.

People now must call the court to learn about a probate case or come to the Medina County Courthouse.

John J. Lohn

John J. Lohn

On Monday, they can visit www.medinaprobate.org, and click on the “Online Docket” link on the left side of the home page. Users will need to know the name of a party in the case or the case number to access information.

Hearing schedules also will be available via the link.

“The online docket is part of our effort to modernize probate court operations,” Lohn said in a statement.

The docket was developed by Clint Fauss, the court’s network administrator, and tested by local members of the National Association of Legal Secretaries.

“We saved the taxpayers over $20,000 by developing the site through the efforts of Mr. Fauss rather than contracting with an outside agency,” Lohn said.

The docket is unique to Medina County, the judge said Thursday.

“There isn’t a standard database that you can plug in from one court to another,” he said, noting Fauss built it almost from the ground up.

Lohn said the local legal secretaries who tested the docket gave positive feedback. He added there’s “always the opportunity for the public to give feedback” as well, and to offer suggestions on how the site could be improved.

Certain information, which must be kept private by law, will not be available, such as adoption cases. Psychological and medical reports from guardianship cases also are confidential, as well as personal and financial information such as Social Security and bank account numbers.

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